A fleeing murderer and a furious grizzly; PLUS WWI trenches, WWII landing craft, and America's first serial killer

January 2023

A new true crime blockbuster; PLUS IP Picks (plus "what the heck is IP?")
A note in a floating coffee tin tells a sad tale; PLUS introducing a new newsletter

December 2022

Encounters with a flying lizard: PLUS Christmas conundrum solved...

November 2022

How the north-east icon survived wartime peril: PLUS new book out *today*

October 2022

Revisiting the eBay haunted painting; PLUS a Criminal ghost story and Secret Sleuths
A tale of corpse and robbers; PLUS Dashiell Hammett and missing nukes

September 2022

Transatlantic liner hit by biggest ever wave; PLUS big flood, Josephine Baker
Undercover cricket detectives; PLUS gangsters, Titanic Thompson, Zodiac Killer, Beatles

August 2022

Buried alive; PLUS mermaids, football, Bonnie and Clyde, and lottery hackers

July 2022

How forgetting the past can lead to losing sight of who we are; an A.I. newsletter.
Daredevil showman makes ass of himself; PLUS Jonathan Rendall, Lost Watch, Air Con