About Singular Discoveries

Welcome to Singular Discoveries. I’m Paul Brown. I write about unusual stories from forgotten corners of the past. In this newsletter, I share interesting stories and engaging recommendations.

I spend a lot of time browsing historical newspaper archives, trawling through old books and manuscripts, and collecting interesting stories. These stories have inspired articles, books, even movies — and now a newsletter.

Each issue of Singular Discoveries presents a fascinating, surprising, and forgotten story from the past. Usually, this will be a short tale. Occasionally, it’ll be a more in-depth long read. I have other plans for bringing these stories to life, too.

For now, I present one story in each newsletter, plus some recommended discoveries — books, articles, records, podcasts, TV shows, or movies — chosen because they’re interesting and might enrich a few minutes of your time.

There’s also some context about writing, reporting, and the process of scouring historical archives for interesting stories. And I ask authors and other interesting people to offer insights into their work and share their recommendations.

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About me

I write articles and books about history, sport, true crime and other stuff. I’ve written for publications including The Guardian, FourFourTwo, When Saturday Comes, The Blizzard, Longreads, and Narratively. My books include The Ruhleben Football Association and The Rocketbelt Caper. I specialise in unusual and forgotten stories from the past with colourful characters and cinematic narratives. You can find more about me and my work on my website or find me on Twitter.

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